The concept of providing businesses with innovative and tailored software solutions to the challenges associated with specific enterprise needs began a few years ago, whilst developing a system for the import-export industry. The innovation became a business when Bitventure was officially registered in 2012.

Bitventure was born in a time of technology disruption, change and complexity. In this exciting but challenging environment, we have embraced new technologies, approaches and methodologies to deliver high-end software solutions for organizations in both the private and public sector.


We live outside the box and enjoy challenging the status quo. We’ve built the first real-time multi-bank Account Verification platform in South Africa, a mission-critical Payment Switch (processing over R1 billion worth of transactions every quarter), a SARS integrated import-export system and many more.


Our most important asset will always be our team and we only hire the best. Our winning formula draws together the expertise of several IT experts, industry specialists and is complemented by substantial investment in training and cutting edge technology.

The integration of these resources and capabilities means that we are able to provide innovative and effective tailored solutions of the highest quality at economical rates.


Bitventure, with head office in Bedforview, Johannesburg, is a leading software engineering and solutions company. We have mastered the dynamics of software engineering. That’s why we retain over 95% of our clients. Our collective experience has propelled the company to a point where it has spread its wings to develop expertise in various industries.


picture of junior biola

Junior K. Biola - CEO and Founder

As Bitventure’s founder and chief executive officer, Junior is responsible for Bitventure’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s technical and business strategy. He founded Bitventure upon his return from Duke University in North Carolina (US), where he spent his final year as an MBA Exchange Student. In 2013 he co-founded EasyDebit, the first South African online financial platform to facilitate real time bank account verification across all major banks.

Prior to founding Bitventure, Junior was CIO of NuDebt Management, a leading debt collection company in South Africa. Previously, he served as a senior software developer and product manager at Altech NuPay, and was instrumental in the development of the first AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order) payment system in South Africa.

Junior holds a bachelor’s degree in computer systems (cum laude) as well as an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and Duke University in North Carolina.

Contact Junior on junior@bitventure.co.za

Anton Bosch - Bitventure CTO

Anton Bosch - Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Anton is responsible for managing the day-to-day technical aspects of all the systems that run at Bitventure, engaging in strategic discussions around the systems and the business and developing the software architecture and systems needed to meet the company’s objectives.

He joined Bitventure back in 2012 as seasoned application architect and as the need has arisen for more detailed, intrinsic and larger systems he took on a more involved role.

He has worked in a number industries over the past 15 years primarily focused on the financial sector. The systems include: Fleet management, stock control, job cards, beneficiary trust administration, portfolio management, cell captive insurance, labour broking and risk management.

Anton holds a national diploma in computer systems engineering (cum laude) from the Vaal University of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (cum laude) from the Technikon Witwatersrand.

Anton possesses over 15 years of computer programming and architectural design across a number of technology stacks.

Contact Anton on anton@bitventure.co.za